Agrilinks, Ag Educators Corner: “Agriscience: The World is Our Classroom”

In our ongoing relationship with Agrilinks, InnovATE has developed a new feature, the Ag Educator’s Corner. This series of monthly blog posts provides insight & tips to agricultural educators.

In the most recent installment of our Ag Educators Corner blog series, Krista Pontius, an Agriscience teacher of 20 years at Greenwood High School in central Pennsylvania shares about her experiences. Given her 20 years of teaching, Krista not only knows how to connect with students, but also how to engage them and even lead them to their passions.

She says this is often a result of the first-year Agriscience course she teaches, where students are asked to create a scientific research project for the school’s Agriscience Fair. The Agriscience Fair encourages students to apply agricultural scientific principles and emerging technologies to real-world agricultural issues.  Read the full story: Agriscience: The World is Our Classroom and be sure to check out the Ag Educators’ Corner each month for new stories, tips & tools!