Ag Educators’ Corner on Agrilinks

In our ongoing relationship with Agrilinks, InnovATE has developed a new feature, the Ag Educator’s Corner. This series of monthly blog posts, called ” The Ag Educators’ Corner,” provides insight, practical tips, and stories by and for agricultural educators.

Melanie Miller-Foster and Daniel Foster, Penn State, launched the series in September. In our first post, For Agricultural Educators, From Agricultural Educators, they highlight their experience teaching Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to secondary school students in Guatemala. By bringing hands-on, minds-on activity into the classroom and using research-based educational strategies and techniques, the Fosters improved learning outcomes and created a fun and memorable experience. In Melanie’s own words, “I’ve never seen so many people this excited about IPM!” Read more on Agrilinks and check out the series each month!