Ask Ag Online Chat: Positive Youth Development

On February 22nd, InnovATE hosted an Ask Ag Chat on Agrilinks entiled: “Ask Ag About…Positive Youth Development.”

The panel consisted of Gary Walker (USAID Bureau for Food Security); Bineta Guisse (USAID Education and Research in Agriculture (ERA) project); Prosper Doamekpor (Tuskegee University); Umaru Sheriff (4-H Liberia); and Susan Naburi (4-H Tanzania).

The experts discussed questions from the online audience on a range of topics concerning PYD including:
  • Youth are very diverse. What tools or methods do community-based programs use to engage youth demographics, inclusive of gender, education, religion, and life-stage, in agriculturally-focused work?
  • How should key stakeholders be engaged to create a positive youth development program?
  • What types of training or extension services are most effective for creating sustainable community based youth programs?
  • How are positive youth development programs different or new compared to other community-based programs used to provide agricultural and life skills to youth?

Click here to read the transcript of the chat!