Project Design Review Workshop


Agricultural Education and Training Institutional Transformation

The Innovation for Agricultural Training and Education (InnovATE) project held a design review workshop uniting project implementers and their counterparts involved in current or recently completed agricultural institution-building projects of USAID. USAID makes investments to strengthen institutions teaching agriculture and has been investigating strategies to improve programming in support of this investment. What have we learned from these experiences that can inform future project design?

Workshop participants compared experiences and challenges, shared success stories, and reviewed lessons learned. The design review focused on the processes through which success emerges and transformation occurs. This workshop documents the tacit knowledge of implementers to support recommendations for good design in capacity building projects.

Session topics include:

• Challenges from the perspectives of U.S. project leaders and international institutional representatives;

• Building trust and partnerships;

• Agricultural education and training system-wide considerations;

• Curriculum development and pedagogical reform;

• Budget and contracting relationships; and

• Governance and leadership

Workshop Materials:

DSC03242 (3)




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