InnovATE Tools

General Assessment Tools

Below are tools designed to act as general guides for conducting assessments of agricultural training and education organizations and stakeholders.

Interview Tools

  • General Interview Session Guidelines: a broad-based script for group and individual interviews adaptable for educators, private and public employers, policy makers, regulators, and other stakeholders.
  • Stakeholder Interview Data Sheet: an interviewee documentation sheet identifying key stakeholder sector and institutional characteristics and network connections (used to build snowball samples).
  • Dean’s Interview Questions: guidelines for interviews with AET institution administrators to gather basic information on the structure and functioning of an institution’s AET program.

Scoping Tools

  • General Scoping Methodology: general guidelines for conducting scoping assessments.
  • Institutional Scoping Tool: a set of critical issues to be investigated designed around six standards to capture key indicators of institutional capacity for implementing an institution of higher education’s AET programs of study in agriculture.
  • Landscape Tool: a set of questions and discussion topics designed to overview the AET policy and institutional landscape arranging AET system characteristics in three thematic areas.

Focus Group Tools

Gender Tools

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