Thematic Studies

The thematic studies series examines key topics in agriculture education and training (AET) across geographic boundaries. The purpose of these studies is to examine AET circumstances through an interdisciplinary lens at the intersection of selected focus topics with the highest level of interest. This research and the resulting documents are designed to help guide and identify ways to improve AET capacity in the highlighted region.

Country Studies

The purpose of the country series is to locate resources, develop the AET network, and select good practices that build capacity at the institutional and country level. These studies are beneficial because they will help to build background information for pre-scoping and scoping activities and form a basis for the involvement of outside research. AET country assessments are also included in this series, and are based on in-country activities that examine specific institutions and systems, and apply analytical tools and methodology to provide project design guidance.

Good Practices

Information gathered and lessons learned during the creation of thematic or country studies are condensed into good practice fact sheets to be used as concise resources.

Contemporary Challenges in AET

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