InnovATE Contributes to INGENAES Global Symposium and Learning Exchange

The INGENAES Global Symposium and Learning Exchange was held in Lusaka, Zambia January 23-25, 2017. The INGENAES project was designed to assist partners in Feed the Future countries to build more robust, gender-responsive, and nutrition-sensitive institutions, projects and programs capable of assessing and responding to the needs of both men and women farmers. The Learning Exchange was three days of sharing past experiences, human-centered design, and innovations in gender and nutrition issues in extension. InnovATE’s own Ruth Mendum, of Pennsylvania State University attended and presented on InnovATE’s training modules on gender bias called, “Teaching Gender to Secondary and Tertiary Students.” Mendum and her colleague, Patricia Neiner also from Pennsylvania State University, developed the modules. Mendum not only taught others about using this gender tool but also took away some valuable lessons.
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