US-Africa Higher Education Partnerships Symposium

March 24-25 2015, University of Florida

InnovATE hosted a symposium at the University of Florida in Gainesville that was centered on preparing successful students, faculty and institutions. Speakers from USAID, Higher Education for Development, World Bank, and various Universities both domestic and in Africa contributed to panels on these three areas, as well as a panel specifically on ensuring re-entry success for African faculty studying in the U.S.

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Symposium Report

Agenda, attendees, proceedings and more, read our symposium report here.



Clara Cohen, USAID: Increasing Priority for African Higher Education

Carl Larsen, World Bank: Can African Higher Education Institutions reinvent themselves? Can the donors?

Marilyn Crane, Higher Education for Development: HED Lessons Learned

Preparing Successful Students Panel

Karen Duca, USAID: Preparing Successful Students

Preparing Successful Faculty Panel

Brijesh Thapa, UF Center for African Studies: Preparing Successful Faculty in South Africa

Emily Van Houweling’s (OIRED, Virginia Tech): Women Faculty Members in Africa

Francis Zotor, University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ghana: Innovations for Sustainability

Developing Successful Institutions

InnovATE Interim Director, Keith M. Moore: Developing Successful Institutions