How Can Agricultural Education and Training Better Reach Women?

In December 2015, InnovATE wrapped up another blog series with Agrilinks focused on gender. This series, centered on identifying and eliminating gender-barriers in agriculture education and training (AET), was summarized by Laura Ostenso, Knowledge Management Specialist for Agrilinks with the following:

By examining gender-specific barriers to women’s participation in AET programs and institutions in countries around the world, InnovATE charted pathways to success for women’s participation in agricultural education. This increased education opportunity translates into developing high quality workers and scholars dedicated to global issues like hunger and poverty. Learn more about these issues and how to integrate solutions for empowering women in agricultural education and training! Read our blogs on Agrilinks via the links below:


Women harvesting in fields of Nepal.


  • Empowering Women for Success in Agriculture: The fact that women make up an estimated 43 percent of the agricultural workforce worldwide but generally lack access to agricultural education must change. Read the overarching analysis about “why” and “how” women’s participation in AET must be strengthened.
  • Breaking Barriers to Girls’ Education: Menstrual Hygiene Management: Menstrual hygiene management (MHM) helps girls and women overcome the hindrance menstruation can pose to their education and overall economic opportunity. MHM also helps practitioners “break the silence” when facing menstruation as a constraint to women and girls’ participation in education.
  • Changing the Perception of Agriculture for More Women’s Participation: What can we do to encourage girls to participate in agricultural education and training? InnovATE talked to women and girls in agriculture about their challenges and some of the stigmas they face as women in agriculture. Find out what was learned and how to change the perceptions to empower society to re-imagine gender assumptions in agriculture.

Woman leading cotton farmer field school.

Our partnership with Agrilinks focuses a spotlight on agricultural education and
training. See our third blog series summary about pedagogy and curriculum in agricultural education and training.