Country Studies

Types of Reports:

Background Studies: Background studies are important to innovATE’s program efforts to add to the AET body of knowledge. The purpose of these studies is to identify AET experiences, locate resources, develop the AET network, select good practices to build capacity at the institutional and country level. These studies are beneficial because they will help to build background information for pre-scoping and scoping activities and form a basis for the involvement of outside research. Country Fact Sheets: Information gathered and lessons learned during the creation of background or thematic studies are condensed into fact sheets to be used as concise resources. AET Country Assessments: AET country assessments are on the ground activities that examine specific AET institutions and systems, which apply analytical tools and methodology which incorporates good practices to provide project design guidance. An AET assessment is conducted at the request of a USAID mission. The reports identify gaps in the human and institutional capacity of in-country AET systems.

Reports by Country:



Democratic Republic of the Congo








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