InnovATE Symposium September 2013


Building  Capacity for Agricultural Training and Education in Developing Countries

Mason Inn Conference Center, Fairfax, Virginia, USA

18-20, September 2013

This symposium brought together educators, administrators, and development experts whose interest lies in capacity building of agricultural education and training systems in developing countries. The symposium collected and disseminated examples of good practices and lessons learned during the course of planning and implementing projects dedicated to efficient, effective and financially sustainable agricultural education and training institutions and systems.


Opening Session

Developing Capacity for Agricultural Training and Education in Developing Countries, Tom Hammett

Charting Future Directions for AET Capacity-building Investments, Charles Maguire

Educational Capacity Building in Environments of Conflict: Vocational and Technical Training in Afghanistan, Hans Van Waterloo

Establishing the AET Community of Practice: a tool for collaboration, change, and capacity building, Donna Westfall-Rudd

Gender Issues in AET

How Much is Enough?: Thinking about education for gender-responsive agriculture, Deborah Rubin

Good Practices to Attract & Retain Women in Long-Term Training, Anne-Claire Hervy

Cross-cutting report, Lost in the educational roadmap: Gender roadbacks from primary school through agricultural vocational training, Rebecca Williams

Cross-cutting report, Gender, higher education, and AET, Maria Elisa Christie

AET in Post-Conflict Environments

Agricultural Education and Training in Post-Conflict Contexts

Lessons from post-conflict AET capacity building efforts in Liberia, Yark Kolva

Lessons from post-conflict AET capacity building efforts in Iraq, Lori Mason

Lessons from post-conflict AET capacity building efforts in Guatemala, Maria Ramos

Cross-cutting report, AET in post-conflict environments, Ntam Baharanyi

Technical and Vocational Education and Training in AET

Agricultural training and education in Cambodia, Chandary Keo

Developing and Strengthening Input Service Providers, Giselle Aris

Cross-cutting report: The Role of Agricultural Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Developing Countries, Kristal Jones

Regional Networks for AET Capacity Building

How to assess the current governance structure within universities and other TAE institutions and improve the efficiency, Irene A. Frempong

How to attract motivated students of high quality: particularly youth and women, Hamidou Boly

Contribution of Diaspora in supporting TAE in Africa, Andrew Manu

Open Session

TVET For the Poorest of the Poor

TVET Public Private Linkages

TVET Pedagogy Recommendations

Innovate TVET Curriculum Development

The Why of Gender

Implementing Gender-Aware Field Training

Integration of Technology in Agricultural Vocational Education and Training





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