Malawi STEM Education Workshop, September 2015

The workshop linked InnovATE, Virginia Tech, and faculty at Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources to develop a Post-Graduate Certificate Program for School Agriculture and Science Teachers. Concepts presented and discussion topics were:

  • Place-based STEM Education Pedagogy
  • Gender Issues in Malawi’s Secondary Schools
  • Experimental Education and Entrepreneurship
  • Distance Learning & Technology
  • Curriculum Development



Gender Issues in Secondary Schools in Malawi
InnovATE Malawi STEM Presentation

InnovATE Malawi STEM Presentation Day 2

Place-based STEM Pedagogy

Mobile Malawi Project 2015

Tikondwe Freedom Gardens Presentation

TASIS Global Service in Malawi

NEPAD e-Schools Initiative

InnovATE ODL Presentation

InnovATE ODL Opportunities and Challenges

InnovATE Malawi STEM Presentation Day 3

Goals, Needs, & Ideas


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