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Engaging Youth in Gender-Based Discussions Around Agricultural Careers

On September 28-30, 2016, InnovATE participated in The Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit, hosted by Making Cents International in Arlington, VA. The summit brought together private sector companies, foundations, development agencies, government agencies, NGOs, and academic/research institutions in order to increase the impact, scale and sustainability of their youth economic opportunities programming, policies, and partnerships. Continue reading >

Tanzania Scoping on Technical and Vocational Education and Training System Strengthening 

USAID/Tanzania’s Feed the Future (FTF) program intends to invest in human and institutional capacity development through a new activity that includes the ministerial vocational institutes and universities. The activity will assist select institutions to improve the relevancy of their curricula and the effectiveness of teaching in order to produce graduates with skills that match employment needs and who will contribute to transforming Tanzanian agriculture. Continue reading >

From Citizen Security to Food Security

The high prevalence of violence in Central America is a major human and institutional development challenge that our research has identified as affecting agriculture development. Specifically, the Northern Triangle countries – El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras – are considered three of the most dangerous countries in the world, as evidenced by intentional homicide rates. The level of violence clearly affects development in many areas, particularly in terms of agriculture and youth’s participation in agricultural education.

InnovATE began looking at this issue to investigate why youth, and young men in particular, were dropping out of the agricultural education system at alarming rates in Central America.  Continue reading >

More AET on Agrilinks!

The third quarter of 2016 saw our partnership with Agrilinks continue to bear fruit in connecting with international development professionals and practitioners in agriculture. Following on from our pedagogy and curriculum series of events, in May we had two blogs published about agricultural education and training. Continue reading >

EARTH University: A regional model for TVET

IMG_3717John Ignosh and Henry Quesada-Pineda, of Virginia Tech, visited EARTH University (Escuela de Agricultura de la Región Tropical Húmeda) in Costa Rica in February 2016. Their goal while there was to study how EARTH University’s strong agricultural program could be connected to regional TVET programs. Their study centers on the successful replication of EARTH’s TVET programs at the local level to ultimately produce more home-grown entrepreneurs. Continue reading >