EARTH University Workshop, Costa Rica April 2017

InnovATE convened a workshop on Opportunities for an International Teacher Certificate Program in Agricultural TVET in Central America at EARTH University in Costa Rica on April 25-26, 2017. Forty one participants from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and the United States were invited by the InnnovATE project to gather at EARTH University campus in Guacimo, Costa Rica. Participants included ATVET teachers and directors, policy makers from the Ministries of Education and Agriculture, industry, as well as support ATVET organizations such as donors, implementers, and consultants.

The purpose of the workshop was to determine whether a regional certificate program for ATVET provides necessary opportunities for professional and institutional development to which teachers do not currently have access to.  We also wanted to know if such a certificate program would be attractive to different ATVET stakeholders in the region.  Our hypothesis is that a regional certificate program designed cooperatively by TVET authorities in the region could offer a quality, uniform curriculum that teaches the best in vocational education pedagogy. Capitalizing on a reputable agricultural education program model in the region (such as EARTH University, CATIE or Zamorano) could ensure that teachers participating in the course are exposed to current and significant issues in agricultural TVET curricula and updated pedagogical methods.

Final Workshop Report


 A Global Project to Strengthen Agricultural Education and Training Systems Through the Development of Human and Institutional Capacities Van Crowder, Virginia Tech, InnovATE

Programs of Vocational and Technical Education in Agroforestry / Agroindustrial Impacts in the Industry Ing. Amb. Juan Daniel Montejo, Interamerican Marketing; Randall Mora Seguara, Agroindustrias Mora

Certification Program for Educators of Technical and Vocational Education in Agroforestry (EETVA)  Tierra Grande, Asociación Isleta-Colinas; President José Lidier Azofeifa

Opportunities for a Certification Program for Educators of Technical and Vocational Education in Agroforestry (EETVA) Campos, EARTH University

Agricultural Technical Institution of the West (ITAGRO) Lopez, ITAGRO

Center for Environmental Technical Education and Agroforestry, FADCANIC-SAIH; Nicaragua Borge, FADCANIC

Make Human Dignity Integral for the Human Development of the Family Hernandez, CRISTOBAL

Institutional Strengthening Efforts of Agricultural and Forestry Middle Education in Guatemala Vinicio Arreaga, ENCA

National Technological (INATEC) Danisa, INATEC

National Institute of Learning Zamora Arias, INA

Leader of Honduras in Professional Technical Training, Valenzuela, INFOP

Capacity Development for Agricultural Vocational Technical Education and Training Programs (EETVA): A Case Study in Nicaragua Henry Quesada, Associate Professor, Virginia Tech; John Ignosh, Extention Specialist, Virginia Tech

A Short Summary of the Initial Survey Responses and Exploring Regional Opportunities with EETVAF Through a Geographic Information System John Ignosh, Virginia Tech

John F. Kennedy Agricultural School Gonzalez, John F. Kennedy Agricultural School

Luis Landa School of Agriculture, Berrios

Roberto Quiñónez National School of Agriculture Cambara, Quiñónez

System of Technical Education in Zamorano, Maria José Baires, Zamorano

Catholic University of El Salvador, Ilobasco Regional Center Juan Alfonso Trigueros, UNICAES

Training for Middle Level Teachers in Vocational Technical Education and Training Agricultural and Forestry (EETNAF) Sontay, Government of the Republic of Guatemala

Subdirection Training and Training for Rural Development Concoha, Government of the Republic of Guatemala

Entrepreneurial Capabilities, Department of Technical Specialties Marin, MEP

Vocational Technical Education in the Agricultural Sector, Ministry of Education of El Salvador Ramirez, MEP

Education and Cultural Coordination Central American (CECC / SICA) Lepiz Jimenez, CECC

How USAID TVET-SAY Nicaragua supports Technical-Vocational Education in the Agricultural and Forestry Sector Ing. Reinaldo J. Sánchez, CREATIVE

 Improvement of Competitiveness through the Field Schools Diaz, SEDUCA

Quality Technical Education for the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua Vanegas, QTECC

Association of Indian Bayan Socioeconomic Development: Institutional Vision and our Contribution to Agroforestry Education Sagastume, Bayan

Capacity Development for Agricultural Vocational Technical Education and Training Programs (EETVA): A Certification Program for Educators in EETVA Henry Quesada, Associate Professor, Virginia Tech; John Ignosh, Area Specialist, Virginia Tech


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